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Teen girl to thank first-responders who saved her life

Teen girl to thank first-responders who saved her life

BIRDSBORO, Pa. - A teen girl who suffered a bizarre heart attack last month is preparing for the chance to thank the first responders credited with saving her life.

"It was crazy when I woke up in the hospital and didn't really remember anything... just kind of looked around like, 'Why am I here?'" said Skylar Livinghouse, 15, of Birdsboro.

Although she doesn't recall much of the incident, family said the teen began entering cardiac arrest around midnight on May 10, soon after she lay down in her grandmother's bed.

"She was convulsing... I thought she was going to die," said Ellen Livinghouse, Skylar's grandmother, who discovered the teen and called 911.

Within minutes, she said four officers with the Birdsboro Police Department arrived: Officer Craig Reinhart, Officer Dave Seidel, Sgt. Seth Riegal and Officer Adam Borz, a friend of the family.

"She had no heart beat. She had no pulse. She was turning blue," said Borz. "I was completely in shock. Luckily, years of training took over."

Jumping into action, Livinghouse said the officers performed CPR, and used a HeartSAFE AED to shock Skylar back to life. Officers said the young girl flat-lined multiple times, but was ultimately revived.

"The AED actually did it's job three separate times," said Reinhart.

"They really saved her life," said Livinghouse.

Skylar was transported to Reading Hospital, and then flown to the Hershey Medical Center, where she remained hospitalized for nearly a week.

She received a cardiac fibrillator implant and is making a speedy recovery.

Family said doctors aren't sure what caused the heart attack, although they are certain that the officers saved her life.

"I feel reassured knowing that I am back," said Skylar, who will thank the responding officers during the Birdsboro borough meeting Monday at 7 p.m.

"I think it'll be really neat," said Chief Ted Roth, Birdsboro Police Department. "This doesn't always happen, and it doesn't happen frequently in police work, but when it does, it's special.

Roth said this was the first time a Birdsboro first-responder had used a HeartSAFE AED, provided by The Friends of Reading Hospital, to save a life. He said the group has provided each Berks County police car with one of the devices, for free.

"It's... saved many, many lives here in Berks County," said Roth, who told 69 News that Dr. Michael Koslow, chief of cardiology at The Reading Hospital and Medical Center, is invited to Monday's meeting.

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