Thousands to run with the bulls in Berks on Saturday

Thousands to run with the bulls in Berks on Saturday

BRECKNOCK TWP., Pa. - Running with the bulls in Pamplona is an age-old tradition in Spain, dating back more than 100 years. Now, you do not have to travel so far to do it.

The Great Bull Run is an event that attracts thousands of people willing to sign up for a wild thrill run.    

"It is just one of those things where people say, 'I have always wanted to do it.' Here it is, right down the road. Why not?" said Rob Dickens, COO of The Great Bull Run LLC.

Dickens said he always wanted to run with the bulls in Spain, but he just could not make it happen. So, he thought bringing it to the United States would make it more accessible for people.

It will be in Berks County for the first time this Saturday at the Maple Grove Raceway in Brecknock Township.

"People love the concept simply because you do not get very many opportunities in your day-to-day life to test yourself against real danger," said Dickens.

One of the people daring enough to participate is Chief Jeffrey Biehl of the Wyomissing Police Department. Biehl said he was roped into doing it with his two daughters and sons-in-law.  

"I have done dumber things. This ranks right up there with some of the silly stuff I have done, but I figure it is something new. I am always looking for something new to do and it sounds like fun really, so I am kind of excited about it," Biehl said.

But if you are one of the 4,000 people participating, beware. Dickens said five to 10 people get scrapes, scratches and broken bones in every event.

"I hope to come away unscathed," said Biehl.

In addition to the bull run, there is a tomato royale event, which is basically a massive food fight with 90,000 tomatoes.

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