Turkey vultures invade Wernersville neighborhood

Residents say they're being held captive inside their homes by birds

Turkey vultures invade Wernersville neighborhood

WERNERSVILLE, Pa. - Turkey vultures have invaded a neighborhood in Berks County, and residents are fed up.

The birds are circling overhead, sitting on top of roofs and hiding inside trees in Wernersville. Now, residents want something done to get rid of the birds.   

"There's hundreds of them flying around all over the place. It reminds you of Alfred Hitchcock's, "The Birds," said Christy Geisinger, who lives with her family on Edison Street.

According to Geisinger, she's living a real-life horror story. She said the birds have recently multiplied, and they're leaving droppings all over cars, sidewalks and houses.

"The stench is really the main issue. You can just smell it for a couple blocks," said Marie Ruoff, who lives across the street.

"It's enough to gag you. My kid has to wear a mask to go out to my car because it bothers him that bad," said Geisinger.

Geisinger said her kids are being held captive inside their own house. She snapped a photo of the birds perched on their swing set.

"They're not being scared off as easily as they were before, so I really don't want the kids playing around them in case they come after them," Geisinger said.

Turkey vultures are protected by state and federal laws and they cannot be harmed. They feed on dead animals, but they're not known to attack humans.

The borough is aware of the problem and offered to help. Last year, the borough agreed to pay up to $500 and split the cost with residents to remove the vultures.

When the borough never heard back from the residents, nothing ever happened, but the deal is still on the table, said officials.

"No one came out and paid anything last year, so we have $500 that they could use," said Debbie Pierce, the borough's treasurer.

Geisinger said times are tough, but according to the borough, nothing can be resolved until residents take the initiative.

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