Unsung Heroes: Cathy Moyer

Unsung Heroes: Cathy Moyer

Parents of autistic kids know their children can thrive with routine, patience and love.  And one Berks County mom says prayer helps too.

December's Unsung Hero is Cathy Moyer, mother of Jordan, 16.

Cathy Moyer waits for Jordan's school bus...

"Some days are pretty good and some days are bad, but you know what when you have the good days you appreciate them 10 times more than a normal parent," she said.

With a 16 year-old autistic son, she doesn't know which day this will be.

Autistic children thrive on routine, and seeing a news camera is not part of Jordan's regular day.  Cathy didn't know how he would react.

"A good day is when Jordan comes home and he doesn't throw anything and he settles right away," Cathy said.

"She hasn't seen a break and I mean a real honest to God break in 16 years," Cathy's husband Rick said.  Rick nominated Cathy as this month's unsung hero.

Jordan unwinds with potato chips and circulars.

"That's how he learned how to identify a lot of items from the circulars actually," Cathy said.

Cathy helps Jordan relax while her husband Rick prepares french fries.  Jordan is autistic and 8 years ago she learned Rick has MS.

Jordan wanted us to leave but we didn't ruin his day.

"If he was your son you'd love him because he has autism and he can't be helped," said Rick.

And whatever the day---Cathy stands by him not because she is an unsung hero because she's his mom.

When Jordan is at school Cathy has a part-time job.

"I take care of the retired sisters and the sick ones.  And they are the bravest women I have ever known," Cathy said.

They are her heroes. She's Jordan's and Rick's.

"You need to find your passion and go for it.  And don't stop praying because it will get you through every single day" said Cathy.

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