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Woman caught on camera stealing puppy from pet store

Store owners looking for trio of thieves who had children with them

Woman caught on camera stealing puppy from pet store

BOYERTOWN, Pa. - The owners of a pet store in Boyertown are trying to track down a woman who they say stole a $700 puppy, but they need help to identify her and her alleged accomplices.

Zimmers Pets store in downtown Boyertown is a popular attraction for those looking for man's best friend.

"We have our puppies here open air. They are not on wire. They are on pens for the comfort of the animal," said Kevin Zimmers, owner of Zimmers Pets.

But store owners said their open concept unfortunately caught unwanted attention from three customers.

"This morning, when we were taking count of the puppies and making sure everyone was up to shots and de-worming, we were looking around and we noticed we were short one puppy," said Samuel Zimmers, Zimmers store manager.

That is when employees looked back at their surveillance footage and saw the entire theft was caught on camera.

Store owners said three women were traveling together with their children when one of them reached into the pen, grabbed a puppy and stowed it away in her bag before leaving the store.

"I was amazed that three mothers, with children, would steal a living animal from a pet store, and you wonder about what is going to happen to the animal and what kind of example they are setting for their children," said Zimmers.

This is the second time Zimmers Pets has been targeted, with a previous theft in 2011.

The owner said it not only hurts them store financially when a $700 dog is stolen, but he also worries about the well-being of the animal.

"It never feels good, but you also have to wonder if they could not buy the puppy, what kind of care will they give the puppy and what kind of home the puppy will have," said Samuel Zimmers.

Store owners are hoping that with the help of the surveillance footage, the women will be caught. If you have any information, contact police at 610-369-3028 or Crime Alert Berks County at 877-373-9913.

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