At 6:12 a.m. Tuesday, a car struck a cyclist from behind on Fleetwood Lyons and School roads, just outside of Fleetwood in Richmond Township.

The man on the bike, Michael Steffey, 56, was wearing both a helmet and fluorescent clothing. Crews on the scene performed CPR on Steffey. He was then transported to the Reading Hospital & Medical Center where he later died.

The striking vehicle continued for about two-tenths of a mile before the driver was flagged down by another motorist.

The investigation is ongoing to determine what caused the accident and no charges have been made.

Fleetwood Police Chief Steven Stinsky says the police are running aggressive driving enforcement projects in the area to enforce safe driving.

Steffey's family members say he was a very active man who always put safety first. They say he often rode his bicycle to work at East Penn Manufacturing. They are shocked and devastated as they mourn his passing.