Snowstorm or not, Cupid is on the clock this Friday for Valentine's Day.

Jonathan Morrissey, from Rich Mar Florist, said they're staying ahead of it.

"Some folks may have received items a little bit early. We're just asking you kind of cooperate with us, we don't have any control over the weather," he said.

They already delivered a lot of their Valentine's orders, keeping their employees' safety in mind, and hope people understand if they got their flowers ahead of schedule.

"We're hoping that your Valentine's Day is a little extra long and there's a little more love this year for you," added Morrissey.

He said they plan to be open on Valentine's Day on Friday, so they'll be ready for the last-minute orders.

"It's not too late, just have to be flexible with us. We're going to tell people it may have to go Friday, it may have to go Saturday if we can't reach certain homes," said Morrissey. "As long as people are willing to cooperate we'll be out and delivering."

The people at Josh Early Candies are also determined to come through for their customers.

"We're noticing changes. We're getting phone calls of people who have placed orders scheduled for pickup tomorrow and they are rearranging that," said Barry Dobil.

The weather forced them to close two days last week but Dobil said they will be open this time around to serve their customers for Valentine's Day.

"If my wife and I have to sleep here in sleeping bags, we'll be here," he said. "Can't do anything about it, so you grin and bear it, it's been a rough winter."

Dobil added, "We'll certainly lose business tomorrow, I can pretty much be sure of that. The lucky thing is we can average that out over a few days."