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Bucks County Commissioners work to move children from foster homes into permanent homes

PLUMSTEADVILLE, Pa. - Bucks County Commissioners have officially declared the month of November 2012 as National Adoption Month throughout the county.

"We've been making progress on seeing less and less children in foster care," stated Commissioner Diane Ellis-Marseglia.

The Board of Commissioners stated they "celebrate and honor all those families in Bucks County who have grown through adoption" and recognize the county's department of children and youth for bettering the lives of those who are in need of a home and family.

The Bucks County agency for Children and Youth Social Services assisted with 47 adoptions during the 2011 - 12 fiscal year, five of whom were children ages 12 - 18. This year there have been 7 adoptions finalized between July 1 and October 1.

"Every child deserves a loving and nurturing home," said Commissioner Chair Robert Loughery. Loughery shared there are currently 14 adoptions that have been filed with the courts and are awaiting finalization dates.

"We continue at Children and Youth to do the best job we can to get stability and permanence for children," said Lynne Rainey of Bucks County Children and Youth Social Services, who accepted the Proclamation from the Commissioners.

On the first of the month, President Barack Obama proclaimed November as National Adoption Month for the country in order to bring awareness to the thousands of children looking for a permanent and loving home.

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