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Development bids accepted for Quakertown's Krupp Park Project

QUAKERTOWN, Pa. - The Quakertown Borough Council approved an earthwork contract for the Krupp Park project. They are still considering bids for paving and landscaping.

Land-Tech Enterprises will be providing development and earthwork for the new Krupp Site Park. Their bid of $369,740 beat the estimates of Nimaris Construction, LP and SJM Construction Co. The council voted and approved the bid by Nimaris at the council meeting on Wednesday night.

The biding process for the bituminous paving will remain open for another ninety days. Five estimates have already been submitted but the council is waiting to see if they will be approved for grants from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

The council voted to close the bidding process for the landscaping portion of the project. Several estimates have been submitted, however none were within the borough's projected budget. The council will wait to decide how to move forward with the landscaping of Krupp Park when the time comes, according to James Roberts, the council president.

The entire creation of Krupp Park will be funded by outside resources at no cost to the borough. The project is projected to cost between 1.5 and 1.6 million in total. The borough has received about $400,000 so far from various sources including the Project Open Space grant.

The park, currently a 12.3 acre undeveloped open space, will include an amphitheater, water feature and retention system, walking trails, gazebo, bathrooms and food court.

The bids discussed are all apart of the first phase of the park's creation. Phase one includes infrastructure, land development and storm water management. The next two phases will focus on walking trails, the amphitheater and the bathrooms.

The council also initiated a new junior councilperson, Joy Zheng. Zheng will be serving on the council for one year. She is a junior at Quakertown Senior High School.

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