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Kids compete online in dressage competitions

Kids compete online in dressage competitions

AMITY TWP., Pa. - Horse riding is a hobby for many kids in Berks County, but now, thanks to the internet, they get to put their skills to the test against other students from around the world.

Corner House Farm is tucked away in Amity Township.

It is a place where kids can learn the ins and outs of riding a horse.

Owner Louise Jordan-Beam decided to add a little excitement to the lessons and have the students partake in dressage tests.

"The advantage of the dressage test and the jumping rounds is that you have to think of what you are doing all the time. You cannot just sit there and the horse goes around the circle for you or around the arena. You have to think about how am I getting to that point, how am I steering the horse," said Jordan-Beam.

But it is not your typical competition. Competing is fairly easy. All they have to do is take a video, upload it to youtube and then compete against 20 other riding schools across the world.

"There are lots of riding schools in England that we compete against and there is one in Japan, Finland, Canada, Greece. So it is world wide. And South Africa as well," said Jordan-Beam.

The Corner House Farm Riding School is only one of three schools in the country that participates in the competition.

"I think it is amazing. It really helps the horses too because it is like practice and you get to watch yourself and it really helps," said Angelique Gordon, riding student.

"It is really fun and I get a chance to show up what I can do to other people. And it is also a big thrill for me because it is what I have always wanted to do," said Natalia Martin, another riding student.

The students compete via the internet once a month and recently won the Riding School Points League.

But in addition to sharing their success, they are in a challenge to introduce 100 people to horses in 100 days.

There are four open days where the general public can visit the farm and meet the horses at 95 Morlatton Road in Douglassville. The dates are June 21, July 19, August 9 and September 6.

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