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Life Church Lehigh Valley heads to Haiti

Volunteers are in the country in the wake of Hurricane Matthew

Life Church Lehigh Valley in Haiti

Hurricane Matthew has left Haiti in disarray with the death toll topping 1,000. People in the country need help and they need it fast.

Pastor Randy Landis of Life Church Lehigh Valley is in Haiti trying to get fresh water to the people who live there. They aren't just dealing with the effects of Matthew, they are trying to stop a cholera outbreak.

"The cholera outbreak is actually increasing in this area because of the lack of clean sanitation, clean water," he said.

Landis said people need clean water to keep Cholera away. Cholera is a bacterial infection that is highly contagious in areas lacking clean water. It can lead to more deaths if untreated.
Landis said there is a team in Haiti trying to drill fresh wells.

"Until those fresh wells are dug and operative what we are dealing with is we actually shipping in by truck, shipping in bottled water," he said.

Landis was in Haiti in 2010 when an earthquake hit the country.
Now he, the church staff and a group of EMTs from Lancaster County are helping Haiti again.

"We'll be doing food distribution, water distribution," Landis said. "Most of the structures are made out of wood and fast roofing or tin roofing. Those are completely gone."

Haiti's government has reported more than 1.5 million people have been affected by Matthew and 350,000 of them need instant aid. The U.N. Secretary General is calling for all nations to step up.

The United Nations humanitarian coordinator is making an emergency appeal for nearly $120 million in aid to Haiti.
Aid officials have been struggling to get food, medicine and water to communities that are still isolated almost a week after Hurricane Matthew.

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