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Neighbors worry Forks development will go to the dogs

FORKS, Pa. - Residents of the Cottages at Sullivan Trail neighborhood say the township needs to do more to deal with neglected properties.

At the heart of the matter is a home the residents say has essentially been abandoned, with its owner leaving a dog behind for weeks at a time.

Speaking to Forks supervisors Thursday night, resident Marilyn Villano said the property has become a breeding ground for vermin.

She's catching 50 flies a day at her home, and says other neighbors have spotted a rat.

"There's food," she said. "There's open food. There's feces, there's urine."

The dog was eventually rescued, but Villano said neighbors are reluctant to confront the owner, who she said "is not the most kosher person."

He's also not around much, said neighbor Donald Gorga.

"He would come in, throw some food down, and leave," Gorga said. The dog eventually broke through a window.

Gorga worried it would become aggressive.

He told the supervisors this is a problem that could get worse as more tightly-packed housing develops in Forks.

"We're not just putting up a single family home on three acres of land," Gorga said.

Supervisors asked the township solicitor and zoning officer to look into what steps can be taken to deal with the property.

They also asked the zoning officer Tim Weis to reach out to the property owner to see if he'd be willing to clean things up.

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