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Nolan steps down as Bethlehem Township chairman

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Thomas Nolan's tenure as head of the township's board of commissioners turned out to be pretty brief.

Nolan, who was elected chairman of the board earlier this year, announced Monday night he would step down from the position, citing professional obligations.

He said he will remain on the board but added that the duties of chairman took up more time than he had.

"I find my time is being spread pretty thin," Nolan said.

The commissioners voted to accept Nolan's resignation, and to appoint Martin Zawarski, who had been Nolan's vice president, as the new president. Commissioner Michael Hudak was named vice president.

Also Monday, Hudak said it would cost the township between $209,000 and $335,800 to replace the roof on the Housenick Mansion, depending on the materials.

The mansion is part of Bethlehem Township's Housenick Park. Hudak, who said he's worked in the roofing industry, told his colleagues the slate roof is in good shape, and should stay that way with the township's strategy of bi-monthly maintenance.

Hudak also noted that a group called the "Friends of Johnson," (after Archibald Johnson, original owner of the estate) had wanted to do work on the gardens in the park, but argued that the township isn't yet ready to allow that to happen.

It might take two or three years, at least according to the township's comprehensive plan, Hudak said.

"I'm all for volunteers," he said. "We're just not there yet."

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