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Parent calls on East Penn board member to resign

Parent calls for school board member to resign over tweet

EMMAUS, Pa. - A parent of children in the East Penn School District called on school board member Julian Stolz to resign Monday night.

Lou Schuler based his request on a short comment Stolz posted on Twitter on March 8.

Schuler said another person, whom he identified as Todd Kincannon, posted this on Twitter that day: "There is nothing more brain rotting than public schools. God, I pity the proletariat for having to send their inferior (children) to them."

He said Stolz replied on Twitter by writing: "As a school board director, I wish I could disagree. As a sentient being, I cannot."

Said Schuler: "I don't question Mr. Stolz's freedom to insult more than 8,000 students who attend East Penn schools, including my three children. If he considers them to be inferior, I assume to children in private schools, he's certainly entitled to that opinion.

"My question is why does a person who holds in contempt our children and their parents and all the taxpayers of our district, take up one of just nine positions on our school board? How can this person, who considers the 8,152 students of our district to be the inferior offspring of the proletariat, serve the cause of public education?"

He said Stolz uses his position on the school board as the source of his authority to support repellant views.

Said Schuler: "A director who ridicules the people he serves and who despises the very idea of public education can't possibly perform his duties in a way that helps our children and our taxpayers achieve the quality of education we all aspire to."

Responding, Stolz said there are many problems with public education in this country but "the East Penn School District is an exception to the rule. I think that we do a great job. I look forward to continuing to take part on this board and continue to uphold the excellent nature of our educational system in the district."

Stolz said children in other districts are trapped in very poor schools, with teachers that may not have the same interest in education that they do in East Penn.

The Tweet to which Stolz responded contained an off-color and derogatory phrase for children. Stolz said he does not agree with that language.

Schuler asked to respond to Stolz but board president Charles Ballard said: "No rebuttals."

Stolz told Schuler: "If you'd like to talk to me afterwards, stick around."

No other board members commented on Schuler's request that Stolz resign.

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