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LV billboard campaign aims to make you say "WOW!"

LVEDC promoting economy, workforce and companies

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Billboards popping up all over are intended to make you say "Wow!"

They also just might make you proud to live in the Lehigh Valley.

The new billboards are the first broad-based marketing campaign done in many years to promote the region's economic growth and development.

They were created by the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation to spotlight the region's economy, workforce and companies.

They focus on little-known or interesting facts.

Some billboard examples:

-Whose $30 billion economy is larger than 104 nations?

- What region has more college grads than Stanford, Harvard & Notre Dame combined?

- What region was awarded more patents than 11 states?

- Who puts the pinstripes on the Yankees?

- Who brews more Samuel Adams beer than Boston?

The answer to all, of course, is the Lehigh Valley.

Did you just say "Wow"?

LVEDC's "Wow!" campaign began earlier this month with billboards at 19 locations --  five digital screens and 14 vinyl billboards.

The plan is to update them regularly.

"The underlying message is that the Lehigh Valley is a cool place that's home to nationally-recognized companies and products," said Don Cunningham, president and CEO of LVEDC.

"These facts will educate people here and beyond our borders on what a lot of people may not know. The Lehigh Valley has a very large and diverse economy, a skilled workforce and companies that make products that are known and used throughout the United States and the world."

The campaign was developed and produced by LVEDC staff. The first phase will run through December  and is focused on billboards of  Bethlehem-based Adams Outdoor Advertising, located throughout Lehigh and Northampton counties.

Additional advertisements will appear in other media outlets inside and outside the Lehigh Valley.

"We have a great story to tell about our economy in the Lehigh Valley, our workforce and the businesses that call the Lehigh Valley home," said John McGran, LVEDC vice president of marketing.

"We want to keep this fresh, interesting and exciting. The idea is for the people reading these messages to say, "Wow!" If they are saying "So, what?" then we are not getting our job done."

Anyone with ideas or suggestions about possible "Wow!" facts can send them to jmcgran@lehighvalley.org. All suggestions will be reviewed and the best will be included in the campaign.

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