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Nazareth schools begin capital upgrades

NAZARETH, Pa. - The Nazareth School Board has commenced a series of facility upgrade projects that were made possible by a February 24 decision to refinance their 2004 and 2006 Series-A bonds.

At Monday's board meeting, the board approved the first three of many anticipated projects intended to utilize the freed up bond money toward capital improvement projects.

The first of these steps was to allocate $19,000 toward masonry repairs of Nazareth High School's chimney.

Next came a whooping one million dollar allocation for repairs of Intermediate schools and windows, in accordance with the recommendation of the District's engineer.

The last capital funds project approved was a construction bid awarded in an amount not exceeding $35,000 to D'Huy Engineering, Inc. to provide construction-phase observation and documentation of window replacement and window storage.

According to school officials, the refinancing plan will net the Nazareth Area School District savings in the range of $850,000, with the bulk of that coming during the 2015-16 school year.

Nazareth officials expect this money will allow them to implement several other upgrades including the replacement of the district's air conditioning units and the roof of the Floyd R. Shafer Elementary School.

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