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69 News Anchor Melanie Falcon: Feeling 'more like my old self every day'

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Visit with Melanie Falcon

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - A lot of 69 News viewers have been emailing and calling the newsroom wondering, "Where's Melanie?"

69 News anchor Melanie Falcon had to undergo open heart surgery last month.

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Melanie's getting stronger every day, as 69 News' Jim Vaughn and Mark Shanaberger found out during a recent visit.

Melanie says of her recovery:

"It has now been nearly seven weeks since I had open heart surgery. I am feeling much better and more like my old self every day. My energy is coming back and I can do more as the days pass. I'm up to walking over two miles every day and am no longer on antibiotics. I was even up for a visit from Jim Vaughn and Mark Shanaberger. Progress feels good, and dare I say I miss work and hope to be back very soon!"

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