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911 recording released in case of indicted doctor

911 recording released in case of indicted doctor

Officials have released the 911 tapes in the case of a Lehigh County doctor who investigators said brutally attacked his estranged son-in-law.

Dr. George Bensimhon, of South Whitehall Twp., Lehigh Co., traveled to Ohio, where police said he hid in his son-in-law's bushes and attacked him with a crowbar, authorities said.

The son-in-law fought back and was able to pin down Bensimhon, investigators said. His neighbors heard his calls for help and contacted police.

Dispatcher: "911 emergency."

Caller: "Yeah, someone's yelling 'help' real loudly, on, I'm on Dellwood."

Dispatcher: "Male or female?"

Caller: "Male."

Dispatcher: "Okay, okay. We'll get over there."

Bensihmon is charged with attempted murder, kidnapping and assault. He's out on bail, but he's due back in court next month.

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