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Accused cell phone store robbers being arrested one by one

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EASTON, Pa. - Investigators say they are closer to getting to the bottom of a series of cell phone store robberies in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas.

A taskforce has been on the case for nearly a month and now another arrest has been made in Georgia.

Nadir Chandler is currently being held awaiting extradition back to Pennsylvania.

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli says some old school investigative work is helping move the case along.

25-year-old Nadir Chandler is the fifth person arrested in connection to a string of cell phone robberies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Chandler is charged with theft and receiving stolen property in the robbery of the Verizon store in Forks Township in October 2016.

Four others have been arrested as well.

Patricia Calcano and Eric Watson were charged with receiving stolen property in connection to the robbery at the AT&T store in Bethlehem Township.

Gregory Lewis and Vaughn Felix were charged with receiving stolen property in connection with the robbery of the Verizon store in Wind Gap.

Last week Felix was also charged with robbery of the store.

All arrests came after the formation of a task force on February 28th

"More information is coming in all the time,” said Morganelli. “I think that the creation of the task force, was the impetus we needed to bring all the law enforcement agencies together."

Morganelli says each law enforcement agency was holding a piece of the puzzle.

Slate Belt Regional police had surveillance video from the robbery in Wind Gap and Lopatcong Township, New Jersey police had surveillance photos.

Each morning all agencies involved meet in what's called the operation room to put pertinent information on a big board.

"The old fashioned way of looking at all these different robberies, what the information was, the similarities in them, the M.O.'s, and that was very helpful to have everybody in a room and not just once, but on a daily basis," said Morganelli.

There is also a homicide case and an assault case under investigation in Palmer Township.

Morganelli says the task force will keep meeting daily until all the robberies and those other two cases are solved.

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