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Activists fast for immigration reform

Activists fast for immigration reform

The road to citizenship is fraught with obstacles for many.

Now a group of activists is working to clear the path for immigrants across the country.

Tuesday, Fast for Families made several stops in the Lehigh Valley.

The fast, in which participants choose what days not to eat, is to pressure Washington to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

The nationwide bus tour started a month and half ago in Los Angeles.

DJ Yoon, a Korean immigrant and U.S. citizen, has been on the bus since the get go.

"This is about families, this is about millions of people coming to this country to provide better life for their family," he said.

The talk of immigration reform is nothing new but so far that hasn't happened.

"We have many workers that have worked in this profession that have lost contact with family trying to bring over," Tonya Morrow said.

The healthcare worker said the political stalemate is creating a roadblock to quality health care for thousands.

"We see people afraid to go to the Doctor to get care because they are afraid of deportation," she explained.

In a statement, Congressman Dent did say the current immigration system is broken and he would work with anyone on either side of the isle to find the right answers.

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