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Airshow organizers hope better weather brings bigger crowds on Sunday

Gloomy weather drags down air show's attendence

HANOVER TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Saturday's damp and gloomy weather meant disappointing crowds for the Lehigh Valley Air Show.  Organizers said fewer than half the projected people attended the first day.

The conditions led to some changes at the event, but it still went on -- rain or shine.

 "I was here last year and it was just wonderful to see the planes -- pilots -- do all the tricks with their planes," said Dorene Green of Palmerton.

From a vintage World War II bomber to wing walkers to a stunt plane that can withstand a heart-stopping 10 Gs, this year's air show  has something for everyone.

"I wanted to come down and check it out," said Brian Green.  "It's neat.  Never been to one."

Kristen Harvat of Phillipsburg, N.J., has been to several other air shows, but loves this one.

"I like how [much] smaller it is, that the kids can do a lot of the activities," she said.

A soggy start meant crowds were noticeably thinner on Saturday, at least earlier in the day.  Organizers estimated between 8,500 and 9,500 people had shown up by late Saturday afternoon

"I was debating on it, but it says that it flies rain or shine," said Brian Green.

Pilots said the weather forces them to fly lower and alter their routines.

"The team will do, say, a low-level show, which is a lot less of the overhead loops," said Kevin Killian of the Black Diamond Jet Team.  "We would lose sight of each other going over the top in formation in the cloud deck."

"We adjust and we fly for the weather conditions that we're given -- up to a point," said Marco Rusconi of the Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team.

This air show has turned out to be more popular than organizers expected. 

Last year, they were only expecting 30,000 people.  Instead, they got 10,000 more.

With sunny and warm weather expected Sunday, they're still hoping for an even bigger crowd this year.

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