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Alert neighbor helps nab man who robbed Northampton County store at gunpoint

Bath Borough robbery

BATH, Pa. - Police in Northampton County say a very alert neighbor helped nab an armed robbery suspect in less than 24 hours. That neighbor and the store owner shared their story with 69 News.

It happened in the middle of the afternoon, and security cameras caught it all. A man walked into Wunderler's Market in Bath and let his gun say, "Show me the money."

"He pulled out the gun as he was walking in, and he pointed it at my husband and said, 'Open the door and give me the money,'" said co-owner Joyce Wunderler.

It all happened so fast, Wunderler didn't know what to think.

"He was in such a hurry, and he was shaking the whole time," she said. "He looked more nervous than I was!"

Wunderler's husband tried to chase after the robber, but the trail turned cold. Until a neighbor, Mike Flyte, saw him peeling out.

"All of a sudden, the car ended up coming through the stop sign," said Flyte. "He threw it in reverse, almost backed into my truck."

Wunderler added: "He thought it looked suspicious, so he kept watching it."

Flyte remembered the car in remarkable detail.

"Four door, beige, zebra hearts sticker on the back with a pink outline around it, missing the right front headlight," he said.

Cops nabbed Daniel Preziosi, 24, outside his home above the Fox Gentleman's Club just a few blocks away.

"They were waiting in town for the car," said Wunderler.

The Wunderlers positively identified Preziosi from a lineup, according to Colonial Regional Police. He is now in jail under $75,000 bond. Court records indicate the suspect spent a year in prison for dealing drugs in 2011.

As for Flyte, he said he was just trying to be a good citizen.

"Trying to prove nice guys don't finish last," he said.

The Wunderlers said all this was over barely more than 100 bucks. No one was hurt in the robbery.

(An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Donald Wunderler spent a year in prison.  Preziosi is the one with the criminal record.) 

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