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Allentown Arts Academy plans to open in January

Charter school needs favorable ruling from state appeals board

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Organizers of Allentown's Arts Academy Elementary Charter School are optimistic the school will be opening in January -- despite having two strikes against it from the Allentown School Board.

The ASD Board rejected creation of the school by a 7-2 vote in May.  It was the board's second vote against the school.

Even before the board's May vote, the school had appealed to the state's Charter Appeal Board.

The school's organizers expect the Charter Appeal Board will hear their case in late July, but probably won't make a decision until late September or October.

The charter school's board has agreed to defer the opening of school until January.

"We refuse to be discouraged with the stalling and delays we are experiencing," said Dr. Thomas Lubben, the school's founder, in a posting on its Facebook site.

The posting states that organizers "believe that opening smoothly at the middle of the school year is better than a more rushed opening in October of November."

Lubben said more than 350 students already are enrolled, but there still are openings for every grade except kindergarten. He reported the school still is accepting student applications for its January opening.

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