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Allentown book store may be forced to closed

Allentown book store may be forced to closed

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - A book store that's been in Allentown for almost 30 years might have to close its doors.

"I am behind on every bill," said John Furphy, owner of Another Story book store.

"I sold the family house, put all the money into the store, I worked for three and half years at an extra job to keep the store going," he said. "We're down to the point where I'm not sure what's going to happen."

Furphy has owned the store since 1997 but said it's been in Allentown since 1984. Seven years ago he moved it from Downtown Allentown to the West End Theater District.

"The customers did not follow from downtown," said Furphy. "You have the problem that people don't go to book stores the way they used to, a lot of people sit at home with their computers."

"I am three months behind in my rent, I am behind on all of my utilities," he added.

Furphy isn't sure yet whether he'll have to close his doors and with it, a chapter of his life.

"I live above the store. If the store goes, I go," he said.

Customer Christine Nowik said, "You can find almost anything that you're looking for and even things that you don'tknow that you're looking for."

"One of the things I really like about the store is coming out with something that I didn't even intend to find or to buy or something that I didn't even know existed," said Nowik, whose family has been exploring the shelves of Another Story for years.

"There's nothing that conveys the spirit of just America than just a small business," said Nowik, who was shopping with her son. "It's a very difficult converstaion to have when we are living in a place where small businesses are closing, where in order to find something we have to go into a gigantic warehouse store."

For now, Furphy is taking it one day at a time and hoping business picks up.

"If I had enough customers that came in on a regular basis, that would help tremdously," he said.

Another Story book store is located at 524 N. 18th Street in Allentown. It's open seven days a week. Thursday hours are 11am-8pm, Sunday hours are 12-5pm, the rest of the week the store is open 11am -6pm.

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