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Allentown councilwoman responds after woman punches her daughter

Allentown councilwoman responds after woman punches her daughter

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Allentown city councilwoman Cynthia Mota is speaking out after she says her daughter was punched in the face by a mother of a fellow student.

"I'm doing this interview because I'm a mother OK? I'm a mother and my daughter got hurt," said Mota.

Lourdes Gonzalez claims she didn't hit the girl but instead was trying to break up a fight between the girl and her daughter.

Gonzalez claims her daughter and Cynthia Mota's daughter have had issues since the beginning of the school year.

However Mota says that Gonzalez's claims aren't true and the only reason her daughter was targeted was because she was defending a friend.

Sherise Miller confirms her daughter and the councilwoman's daughter are friends and it was at Miller's home where the fight broke out late Monday afternoon.

"It's just disgusting. So I wanted to tell the truth of what actually happened because it happened at my home and my daughter was the one it was started with and the student got targeted because she was friends with my daughter," said Miller.

Miller claims her daughter has been the target of a group of students, all eighth graders from South Mountain Middle School.

Last Friday, Allentown Police say several students were arrested outside Miller's home for disorderly conduct.

Miller says a group of about 50 kids had appeared on her front lawn yelling threats at her daughter and destroying property.

"They were kicking in my door, they broke a vase, the little girl was yelling at my window...it was very nasty," she said.

But on Monday, Miller says things rose to a whole new level when Gonzalez decided to get involved and someone else's child ended up getting hurt.

"I feel horrible and that's why I decided to come on TV and tell the truth how it started. It didn't start with her, it started with my daughter and she's a victim in this situation and I feel horrible," said Miller.

Mota says she had no idea of anything that had happened until Miller contacted her and now fears for her daughter's safety.

"I am very worried for my child's safety, imagine, a child being beat up by an adult, and on top of that, other children," she said.

Gonzalez faces several charges including simple assault and disorderly conduct.

She's been released on $10,000 bail.

The preliminary hearing has been set for April 21.

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