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Allentown Ethics Board: Pawlowski and officer did not violate city's Code of Ethics

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - The Allentown Board of Ethics has concluded Mayor Ed Pawlowski and a parapolice officer did not violate the city's Code of Ethics when the officer wore his uniform at a campaign event.

The complaint was filed by a majority of city council members.

City council said Jamie Gonzalez, a parapolice officer, was actively supporting Mayor Ed Pawlowski at a campaign event while in city uniform.

According to the Ethics Board’s report, Gonzalez claimed that after work he had stopped by a restaurant where a campaign event was coincidentally occurring.  In its decision the board stated there is no evidence that Gonzalez "has taken or is taking an active part in the political campaign."   The board concluded that Gonzalez's conduct did not violate the Code of Ethics.

The board also stated Pawlowski  was not in violation of the code and "did not solicit any assessments or receive any subscription or contribution" from Gonzalez.

The Ethics Board concluded neither Pawlowski or Gonzalez violated the Code of Ethics of Allentown.

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