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Allentown plays host to PinFest 2012

Allentown plays host to PinFest 2012

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - It's a Pinball players playground at the Agri-Plex Expo Center in Allentown.

Two thousand people are expected to make their way through this space for the The Pinfest Spring Pinball Show.

Ivan Lysykanycz is the show's organizer.

"The enthusiast can bring the machine and they don't pay admission," he said.

"They're sharing their machine and those who pay the ticket can play all they want for free."

One of those players is Charlie Bucks from Allentown.

He has three pinball machines at home, but travels all over the country to compete in tournaments such as this one.

"I think it brings me back to nostalgic moments in college and with the kids growing up. But most of the games have disappeared from the malls so you have to go to tournaments to be able to play," he said.

Spectators can watch the tournament thanks to these cameras.

The cameras display the games onto the Plasma TV's that are situated above the machines.

There are hundreds of pinball machines in this 40,000 square foot space.

But it's not all fun and games here at Pinfest.

Neil Nagy from Clinton, New Jersey is here looking to sell his vintage toy.

"It's attributed to be the first pinball machine with flippers. I've had t his machine now for 30 years. I've had my fun and joy with it.It's time somebody else does," he said.

Need parts for that vintage machine? You can get those here too from one of the dozens of vendors.

Or perhaps you'll find something unexpected at the Flea Market out back.

Pinfest runs until nine Friday night and all day Saturday.

Admission is $17 for adults and $7 for kids.

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