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Allentown police arrest six men on drug charges

Police surrounded home in 700 block of Tilghman Street Tuesday

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Armed with a search warrant, the Allentown police Emergency Response Team surrounded a home in the 400 block of Tilghman Street shortly before 8 p.m. Tuesday and arrested six men on drug charges.

When police entered the home, three of the suspects made a run for it, but police were waiting for them.

Arrested were:

*Twenty-nine-year-old Jason Cruz, who lives at that address.

*Twenty-eight-year-old Tommy Figueroa-Otero, who lives at that address.

*Twenty-four-year-old Jose Santos, who lives at that address.

* Twenty-four-year-old Bryan Israel Cuevas of the 900 block of Jackson Street.

*Twenty-one-year-old Jorge Antonio Colon of the 2000 block of Vine Street.

*Twenty-year-old Roniel Santos of the 500 block of E. Cumberland Street.

Cruz, Colon and Jose Santos ran out of the basement at the rear of the house, but police blocked their escape. Cuevas and Roniel Santo were located in the basement.

Inside the home, police found a backpack containing three bags of suspected marijuana and $2,018, two large black laundry bags containing more than 500 packets of synthetic marijuana and another 100 packets of synthetic marijuana in various locations in the basement.

The suspected marijuana field tested positive. Both it and the suspected synthetic marijuana were sent to the Pennsylvania State Police crime lab for further chemical analysis.

Police also found a digital scale, a pellet gun, brass knuckles, walkie-talkies and a bullet resistant vest.

Cruz was carrying $3,605 when arrested. Cuevas was carrying $180, Colon had  $110, Roniel Santos had $105 and Jose Santos had $63.

All six men were charged with simple possession, possession with intent to deliver, criminal conspiracy and drug paraphernalia

Four of the men remain in Lehigh County Prison. Two are out on bail.

Still in jail are Figueroa-Otero, Jose Santos and Colon --their bail was set at $25,000 --and Roniel Santo, whose bail was set at $20,000.

Cruz is free on $35,000 bail. Cuevas is free on $20,000 bail.

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