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Allentown Police Department investigates officer

Officer being investigated for alleged off-duty rampage

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - It's shocking behavior, for sure, making threats, shouting racial slurs, and even kicking in a car window.

Residents of one Allentown neighborhood said they witnessed all three, carried out by an intoxicated city police officer.

The officer was off-duty at the time, and the case is under active investigation.

Some witnesses they are waiting for justice.

"He was belligeren. He was drunk, like completely wasted," said Cesar Velazquez, of Allentown. "He was cursing everybody out, he was telling us to go 'F' ourselves and then he ran and he started screaming out obscenities."

That was three weeks ago in the neighborhood of 12th and Chew streets. Witnesses said a man came out of Candida's bar and the chaos ensued.

"He was super drunk," added another witness, Edward Hickson. "Obviously doing the foolish things he was doing that night between pushing in an air conditioner, and busting out windows, and threatening to shoot people."

One air conditioning unit was pushed in at the home of Angela Roman.

She says the unit barely missed hitting her daughter.

"Fortunately she was sleeping at the other side of the bed," said Roman. "The other end of the bed so when the AC fell, it fell like maybe not even a foot from her foot.If her head would have been there it would have fallen on her head."

Witnesses said the individual also broke a car window before heading back to the bar. Four men followed the man just to find out why he caused so much damage.

"As I was approaching him about the situation and explaining the situation of what he was out here doing, he got aggressive and he wound up grabbing me by my throat," said Ahmed Woodley, who lives just blocks away.

Then witnesses heard shocking news.

"He showed us the badge and said that he would shoot us and then further spit out more racial slurs," added Velazquez.

Allentown police responded to the cries for help, and now neighbors want justice.

"It's just sad," added Hickson. "It really is because you live out here all your life, you expect the cops to do what they're supposed to do.  You don't expect them to be off duty terrorizing the neighborhood. That's something that only happens in the movies."

No charges have been filed in the case.

Police confirmed Tuesday there are two ongoing investigations: one criminal and the other by the internal affairs division.

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