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Allentown School District sends pink slips to at least 99 employees

Allentown SD makes 99 cuts

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Dozens of teachers in the Allentown School District might not be coming back next fall.

Officials with the teacher's union said 99 teachers have received their pink slips in the mail. Administrators with the school district wouldn't tell us the exact number, but did confirm the layoffs.

Parents we spoke with at the Allentown Public Library weren't happy when they learned the news.

"It concerns me a lot because I feel that we need more teachers involved," said Wendalys Nieves, of Allentown.

"What they need is more programs and more education, taking away teachers is just another one of those things that we're leaving the kids without resources so I believe it's awful," said Mildred Burgos, a mother of an Allentown student.

According to Deb Tretter, president of the teacher's union, 99 teachers were notified via letters from their principals last Thursday and Friday that they were being laid off.

Originally, 132 teaching jobs were on the chopping block, however, school officials said there won't be any more layoffs and that there is a possibility some of those teachers could be brought back.

Regardless, parents we spoke with said they believe cutting teaching jobs should be at the bottom of the list.

"It's upsetting. It's upsetting because when it comes to the kids, you know that's their future," said Burgos.

The district must approve its final budget by June 30. Only then will any of the teachers know if they'll be reinstated. The union president, however, said it's highly unlikely.

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