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Allentown's Sixth St. Shelter looking for child care volunteers

Sixth Street Shelter looks for daycare volunteers

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Allentown's Sixth Street Shelter is looking for some fresh faces to help lighten the load of lending a helping hand.

From mumbling babies, to the perils of a stuffed alligator, this is day care inside the shelter's Family Resource Center. The supervision gives breaks to moms like Estafani Ciriaco who can then work on resumes or finish school work.

"It gives me some alone time with tutors so I can get that time I need to focus," Ciriaco says.

Due to budget constraints, the 60-day shelter - which caters to families and kids --only offers the day care three to four days per week for 4-7 hours per day. As of now, Kristine Blasco is the sole supervisor.

She say it would help if she had some other volunteers to relieve her.

"Definitely because I would have more time for coordination," she said.

Coordination to move people out of the shelter and into their own lives.

"Our goal is to help people be self sufficient," Blasco said.

But in the meantime, shelter head Marsha Eichelberger also says forging a connection with clients, especially kids, is crucial. The shelter is hoping for long term volunteers.

"Because they have a connection that is a little bit different than a case worker. Can share what they're hearing and concerns," Eichelberger said.

To volunteer you can simply head to the shelter, fill out an application and interview with Lauren Praedin, who says even if you can't commit long term, help is always needed.

But for day care?

"Must love children and want to be on the floor engaging with the kids," Blasco said.

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