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Area Republicans support Romney during 1st debate

Republican Watch Party

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - About 70 local lawmakers, and Romney-Ryan volunteers and supporters gathered at the Copperhead Grille in Hanover Twp., Lehigh Co. for a Republican watch party.

The stakes were high going into the first of three Presidential debates. Local GOPs didn't hide their feelings about remarks made during the 90-minute face off.

With President Obama leading slightly in most national polls, supporters say Governor Mitt Romney's detailed plans dealing with jobs and the economy is what could pull him ahead.

"Right out of the gate he talked about lowering taxes, creating jobs, helping the middle class by reducing their tax burden," said State Representative Ryan Mackenzie.

The economy, health care and other domestic issues were the focus of Wednesday's debate.

"I believe if we work on the middle class, get everybody working, everything will fall into place," said Romney-Ryan volunteer William Worsley.

Experts say many voters already have their minds made up about November's election, but local lawmakers think some folks can still be swayed.

"I think debates are very important to this race because people are only really starting to focus on what the proposals are from Governor Romney and President Obama," said Mackenzie.

The second presidential debate will be held October 16.

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