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As summer approaches, get ready to beat the heat

As summer approaches, get ready to beat the heat

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Soaring temperatures didn't keep people from getting outside Tuesday.

Nine and ten year-olds with Lehigh Little League practiced in the summer-like heat.

"We'll do a drill for 15 minutes, 20 minutes, and then we get them a drink, then we'll hit another drill, 10, 15, 20 minutes, get them some drink," said coach Jon Spinosa.

"Practice went really well today and we had a couple water breaks," said nine-year-old Jayden Gonzalez.

"I drank and just tried to rest a lot," said ten-year-old Cole Hershman. "It got a little tiring after a while."

You didn't have to be moving around on the field to feel the effects of the day.

"It's hot and sticky," said parent Jennifer Sciarra, who was watching practice in the shade.

"I don't really feel like we had too much of a spring. I felt like it was either really cold and then it got really hot," she said.

What a difference a few months make.

"We go from cold to 95 and hot and humid, there's never that in between," said Sciarra.

Spinosa said, "When spring started there was still snow on the parking lot. I came with a shovel and I shoveled snow off the parking lot so we could practice in the parking lot."

Some people didn't seem to mind the hot weather.

"It's about time I guess," said Bethlehem resident Victor Muschlitz. "This is nice. It's not too hot yet."

"I'm truly enjoying it while we have it," said Jeanette Muschlitz, who added, "Our air conditioner just went out today in this car and it's what, almost 90 degrees now, so it's really hot."

Battling Tuesday's temperatures was just practice for the even hotter weather expected Wednesday.

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