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ASD supt tells board investigation continues at Union Terrace Elementary

ASD Superintendent addresses troubled substitute

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - The superintendent of Allentown School District is talking to the school board about its investigation of a substitute teacher who's accused of sexually assaulting a nine-year-old.

Part of that investigation includes looking at the application of Michael Agrippine, 47, and asking other teachers if they notice any red flags.

The application of Michael Agrippine shows he worked at three different schools since June 2005.

There is no history of any wrongdoing but there are a lot of questions, even from students.

"We have in the last couple of days reached out to the victim and the family," said Allentown School District superintendent, Russell Mayo.  "We're still trying to have a meeting with them to see what specific needs in addition to what support is already being given."

Mayo says he still wants to know why this happened.

"We're on this, we're keeping up with it, we've reviewed what we've done and we will continue to review and try to learn any information we can that we might have missed," he said.

Agrippine's application signed August 14, 2012 shows that he previously worked at three schools.

He has also been a substitute in 11 Allentown schools this year.

Agrippine noted he left Roberto Clemente Charter School because they eliminated his position and further wrote in an essay, "I take pride in my roles as a teacher and never forget the primary purpose of why I am here: the students."

Mayo told the crowd he was at Union Terrace Elementary this morning and some students were talking about the incident.

Then the superintendent said an investigation is ongoing and thanked teachers that are protecting the children.

"I want to commend the teachers there and the way they are handling that conversation and working with the kids to help understand how to be safe and how to be careful," added Mayo.

Mayo also told people in attendance that the administration will be updating the district web site with ways to speak with children about what took place at Union Terrace Elementary.

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