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Avoid frozen pipes during this bout of cold weather

Avoid frozen pipes during this bout of cold weather

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Officials with the Lehigh County Authority say they responded to dozens of calls following the last arctic blast.

In a picture taken close to two weeks ago of a building in Allentown, an ice land was created after a pipe burst on the third floor flooding the entire building.

"It's more preventative maintenance that's very important throughout the house," said Kevin German, risk manager with the authority.

German says just following simple steps like insulating your pipes, leaving the water running during the night or using a space heater in cold spots where pipes are present are all that pipes need to prevent freezing.

However, there are also the bigger pipes underground and not even German knows when they'll give.

So crews, spend their time keeping an inventory on leaks and a close eye on pipes that have had more than one repair, in order to avoid colossal pipe bursts that end up as sink holes smack in the middle of a neighborhood.

German says neighbors can do their part as well "What the customer should be looking for is any water running throughout a road or even in their yard, any depressions in their yard, any depression in the road, they should notify the water company immediately."

A change in water pressure or color can also indicate a water main burst.

German says the most helpful thing people can do is immediately call their water company rather than wait until it's too late.

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