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Back to school at Liberty High School

Back to school at Liberty High School

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - It was back to business as usual at Liberty High School Thursday.

Students returned to class after Wednesday's lock down that lasted about four hours.

The lock down was prompted by what police believe was a fake 911 about gunmen in the school.

Students felt a range of emotions returning to class.

Student Alexia Harris said, "It was a very strange atmosphere, everybody kept talking about what happened yesterday but other than it was very normal."

Brandon Farkas said, "There was so much chatter and rumors and everybody was just kind of awkward and still kind of scared to be there."

Officers were on horseback outside Liberty as school let out Thursday.

"I was a little on edge to be honest but I was kind of just preparing for anything," said student Erin Northcutt. "Everyone was talking about it definitely. One of the common questions was, where were you, what happened?"

"I didn't want to come at first but I'm like, I have a test to go to," said Deiny Quiros.

Colin Tracy said, "I felt fine going. Being there I just felt kind of bored, I guess."

Students told 69 News many of their peers didn't even come to school, but the district hasn't confirmed whether or not there was a high number of absences.

"It was pretty empty, like my second block class had 14 people missing I think," said Tracy.

Farkas added, "It was kind of empty, like there was not that many people."

"I would actually think that was the parents pulling them out of school saying, 'You're not going in today because now we have the Easter break tomorrow,'" said Northcutt.

A lock down drill scheduled for Thursday at Liberty was cancelled.

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