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Bag of puppies found dead in Lehigh County; reward being offered for information

Dogs found dead

LOWER MACUNGIE TWP., Pa. - Is there a serial animal torturer on the loose in Lehigh Co.?  Investigators now think so, after the second disturbing discovery in a week.

The latest case happened Friday afternoon in Lower Macungie Twp.  Someone found a bag of 11 dead puppies, all shaved of their fur, along the side of the road.  The discovery comes one week after a skinned and cooked animal was discovered along a different road.  Now, we're told investigators think both incidents are related.

Friday's discovery came near Lower Macungie Township Park, where dog owner Leslie Heffron was just learning of the news.

 "It's really appalling," she said.

 Around 4 p.m. Friday, someone found 11 dead -- and shaved -- puppies on the side of Quarry Road near the park.  State Police said, some were found inside a plastic bag.

Authorities will not reveal what breed the animals were or if they suffered any visible trauma.

 It's actually the second disturbing animal discovery in Lehigh Co. this week.

 Last weekend, a completely skinned -- and cooked -- animal was found along Route 863 near Lynnport, about 20 miles from where the puppies were found.

 "Skinned and completely nude of any kind of skin," said neighbor Leslie Palmat on Monday.

 Now, according to the Lehigh Co. Humane Society, State Police believe the two incidents may be connected.  They are awaiting veterinary tests on the Lynnport animal to determine if it was a a dog or a coyote, and to see exactly how it died.

 As for Leslie, the thought of someone purposely killing pups is very unsettling.

 "I don't know, some crazy fanatic?", she asked.  "Who knows?"

 It's important to note, the puppies found Friday were not skinned like the animal last week; they were shaved.

 The lab tests on last weekend's discovery are expected back early next week.

 Meantime, the Lehigh Valley Pitbull Awareness Club is offering a reward for information in these cases:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lehigh-Valley-Pitbull-Awareness-Club/130933836957384?fref=ts#!/pages/Lehigh-Valley-Pitbull-Awareness-Club/130933836957384?fref=ts


Inquiries may also be emailed to: lvpitbullclub@gmail.com

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