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Bakery struggles to stock treats after appearing on Food Network

Bakery struggles to stock treats

NAZARETH, Pa. - Their recipe for success was criticized on national television but Schubert's Bakery says it's going to keep doing what it's doing.

The Nazareth bakery was just featured on the Food Network because business was struggling but now it's having a hard time keeping its tasty treats in stock.

At 11:00am Friday, the shelves are almost empty at Schubert's Bakery in Nazareth.

No -- the baker didn't call in sick. They've just been that busy.

"Lot of first time customers that saw the show and didn't know the bakery was here," said Stephen Riccelli, owner of Schubert's Bakery. "Some have maybe driven 50 miles, 25 miles, 30 miles."

Wednesday night, Schubert's was featured on the Food Network show, "Save My Bakery."

Host Kerry Vincent, recommended ways to help the bakery.

She ruffled some feathers by suggesting changes to the Moravian Sugar Cake.

And charging $4 for sugar cookies traditionally sold for 40 cents.

"Frankly who is paying $4 for a sugar cookie," asked Patti McInerney, a customer visiting the bakery for the first time. "Nobody, I don't know, I don't think anybody is, I'm not."

"You've got to respect their opinions," said Riccelli. "They were suggestions, we took them as suggestions on their part."

"Not in Nazareth, it's too fancy we're just ordinary people," said Betty Pritko, when asked about paying $4 for a cookie.

The bakery didn't change those items but the TV exposure has them even more popular.

So much so that they are now baking two times a day.

Six hours after opening the bakery is already closed and Steve knows it's going to be busy for days to come.

In fact, so busy, he'll have to start baking for Saturday at eight o'clock Friday night.

"Wonderful publicity. It will really help their business," said one customer.

The staff loves the new decor and will be baking new items as suggested.

"You're going to see an awful lot of new product," added Riccelli. "We try to be as innovative as we can."

Innovation and popularity that will keep Schubert's Bakery the sweetest spot in Nazareth.

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