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Bangor residents clean up after early morning flood

Flooding damages Bangor homes

BANGOR, Pa. - Garbage bags are lining one Bangor street as some residents clean up from flooding during a rain storm early Monday.

The rushing water left a sinkhole in one backyard, and destroyed a bunch of family memories at another home.

People tells us they hope something like this never happens again.

Water ran down the side of Messinger Street in Bangor, Northampton County.

But this was just a trickle compared to the run off earlier Monday morning.

"At first it sounded like rain," said Peg Sterner, as she cleaned out her basement. "But then it was louder than rain and when we looked out it sounded like a rushing river."

"It was roaring down the road. garbage cans, all sort of debris was floating down the street," said Donna Evans, who also lives on Messinger Street.

Some people pointed out a lot of damage: several holes in the road, garbage bags full of destroyed items, and for some lost memories.

"My daughter had our grandsons baby books and that got wet," said Sterner. "She had just moved out."

"On this side it's the basements," added Evans. "On that side their whole backyards are all gutted."

Some people say they are not even sure if they are going to be able to rebuild after suffering these types of losses.

"Not something I want to wake up to ever again," said Sterner.

 Many people say they are waiting for their insurance companies to come out and survey the damage.

Some said they also want to know if  the weather or something else caused the flooding.

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