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Bethlehem steps in to help control rat infestation

'I've had to kill them with baseball bats,' says Judith Koch

Bethlehem stepping in to help control rat infestation

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Bethlehem is stepping in to help a neighborhood that's overrun with rats.

People living in the 100 block of East Garrison Street said they've been pleading with the city to take control of the infestation, and Monday, they did.

Officials spent the day setting up traps in a vacant home that's believed to be the source of the problem.

Neighbors said the rats have been invading homes and causing major damage in the area for years.

"Whenever we don't have a cat in the house, it's a guarantee that our cupboards will be eaten through. I've actually bought groceries and the next day had them completely destroyed by rats," David Frye.

"I've had to kill them with baseball bats, also. If the snap trap doesn't kill them, I've had to kill them," said Judith Koch.

Koch said the rats have even stolen her dog's toys and used them to build their nests.

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