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Bethlehem taxpayers may face higher tax hike thanks to exception

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - The Bethlehem Area School District has more leeway on how much it can raise property taxes, thanks to a ruling from the state department of education.

BASD had asked for an exception to the 2.6 percent tax rate hike normally allowed by the state.

The department of education agreed to the BASD request, and now the district can raise taxes to around 4 percent.

Officials said the district doesn't have an exact rate hike percentage yet, because the state approves a particular dollar amount, based on the request submitted.

In the request submitted to the DOE, the district asks for more funding for specific things- In the Bethlehem case, the items needing additional funding are retirement and special education.

The amount of the hike is also affected by how much funding the district will receive from the state.

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