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Bethlehem woman blames neighbor's dog for multiple attacks

Bethlehem neighbors concerned about dog

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - A Bethlehem woman says a pit bull in her apartment building has lashed out one too many times.

April Pilz says a child is the latest victim of the dog.

"I've had three incidents with this dog, three separate incidents," Pilz told 69 News.

She is a dog lover who has four dogs herself, but she said her neighbor's pit bull has been nothing but a problem since she moved into her apartment on 3rd Avenue in Bethlehem about a year and a half ago.

"I have been afraid of their dog since I've lived here and now I'm more afraid of their dog because I know what he's capable of," she said.

Pilz said the dog has bitten two of her dogs and her hand in their building's fenced-in yard.

She said her Jack Russell Terrier was first bitten soon after she first moved into the building.

"He slipped out of his collar, ran across the yard and picked up my dog by his throat and attempted to shake him," said Pilz.

She said another one of her dogs, a whippet/pit bull mix, has been involved in two incidents with the other dog, the most serious in March.

"Before I could get a hold of her and get her back on her leash, she had gotten within that dog's leash range and he had just grabbed her by the throat and he was attempting to shake her," said Pilz. "That's when I had to get involved because I feared for her life.

Pilz said she tried to remove the dog from her dog and was bitten in the process.

"My hand needed to be stitched where the deepest bite was. I then developed a serious infection that then started to travel up my arm," she said.

Pilz is a massage therapist and said she missed about a month of work and her hand is still recovering. She filed a police report after the March incident.

She said a ten year-old boy who lives nearby is the most recent victim and was bitten under his chin.

"The dog came out of his apartment, to the best of my knowledge, to go for his walk on his leash with one of his owners, saw him sitting on the front steps and just grabbed him by the neck and shook him," she explained. "He needed several stitches and he has a loose tooth and his face is quite swollen right now," she said.

"I'm just so disappointed that this kid had to get bitten because I was saying to everyone involved after I was bitten something needs to happen, this dog is not safe, this dog is a danger in this environment," said Pilz.

The owner of the other dog did not want to speak on camera but told 69 News they plan to put the dog up for adoption.

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