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Bethlehem's new mayor, Robert Donchez, names Mark DiLuzio as new police chief

If approved by city council, Lt. Mark DiLuzio will take over department

Bethlehem's incoming mayor names a new police chief

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - It appears there will soon be a new man at the helm of the Bethlehem Police Department.

Mayor-elect Robert Donchez has selected Lt. Mark DiLuzio, a longtime city  detective, to take over as chief in the new year.

DiLuzio has more than 20 years experience on the force in Bethlehem. Now he's ready for his next challenge.

"We talked about issues, and he asked me if I was interested in being the next police chief, and I said definitely," said DiLuzio.

Donchez made the announcement Monday morning.

DiLuzio is one of six appointments made in the last week as Donchez prepares to take office in January.

DiLuzio said he wants the force to connect with the community more.

"I see across the country, everybody says community policing, but they forgot the basics," added DiLuzio. "The basics of community policing is not driving through neighborhoods and waving at people. Drive in the neighborhood, get out of your car, talk to your business owners, talk to your citizens, talk to your neighbors."

DiLuzio said he's already been speaking with business leaders on Main Street in Bethlehem and on the south side of the city. The main focus will be the residents and keeping everyone on the streets safe from harm.

"People need to be able to walk the streets, walk their neighborhoods, go to stores, shop, and not be worried about being robbed, or mugged, or assaulted," he said.

The newly appointed chief said he will have some input on who his deputy chief will be, but the ultimate decision will be up to Donchez.

DiLuzio's appointment isn't set in stone just yet, either. His appointment still needs the approval of city council.

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