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Big meals, small chefs

Big meals, small chefs

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - A program that helps keep kids healthy all across the country is making an impact right here in the Lehigh Valley.

Big meals came from small chefs at Cleveland Elementary School in Allentown Tuesday night.

The students between third and fifth grades, spent six weeks learning culinary skills as part of the national after school program Cooking

Before they got their official chef hats and cookbooks during graduation, the mini chefs got a chance to turn up the heat up one last time by making a dinner including fishsticks from scratch, fruit salad and banana pockets.

The kids not only cooked food, but they learned about nutrition through trivia.

Myasia Gonzales said, "We get to choose healthy choices and learn how to cook healthy instead of eating junk instead of potato chips."

"They give us celery, banana, carrots all type of good stuff for us to make at home," said Mason Morgan.

Retired teachers, volunteers from local restaurants as well as Second Harvest Food Bank all make the program a success in our area.

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