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Brindi's road to recovery

Brindi's road to recovery

Animal advocates are asking for support as they try to nurse a dog that was found in rough shape back to health.

The brindle pit bull, now named Brindi, was recently found in Nazareth clearly needing help.

"The dog was pretty skinny, in bad shape," said Kelly Trilli of Saylorsburg, an animal advocate who offered assistance when she heard Brindi's story.

"She was kind of holding up her one paw, she has some scars on her snout area," explained Keith Remaly, another animal lover who worked with Brindi. "We could tell that she was way over bred."

Trilli said, "You get very emotional when you see dogs that have been neglected, abused, drops offs. There's always happy endings but when you first see it, it really does take a toll on you mentally."

"It's really sad," added Remaly.

Brindi is currently in a foster home with Bonnie Lynn in Muncy, Lycoming County.

The dog saw the vet Monday.

"She is absolutely doing wonderful, she's just amazing dog," said Lynn.

But the vet bills add up, so Lynn created a web page where people can donate money to help support Brindi's road to recovery.

"I don't have the money but I want to help the dog," Lynn explained.

Trilli said, "Even if it's just a dollar to help her recover from what she has been through, I mean anything is greatly appreciated."

Lynn said she plans to eventually put Brindi up for adoption if she finds the right person.

She said, "I would never just ship her off to the wrong home, if she pulls at my heart too much she'll stay right where she is."

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