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Broadway Boys meet with Freddy participants

Broadway Boys meet with Freddy participants

EASTON, Pa. - Some area high school students with experience of performing at the State Theatre during the Freddy Awards are learning tips from the professionals.

The students not only got to see the Broadway Boys show Friday night, they also got to ask how it is to be a professional performer.

Students said it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and lessons they learned will help them get ready for their own performances.

"I'm actually really excited," said Easton student Han Dey Simeon. "I've been waiting for this opportunity since I found out, which was a couple of weeks ago."

Sixty performers and directors watched the show "Broadway Boys" but the real treat for these students was when the performance was over.

"It's one thing to see the show, but to talk to them and figure out what goes on behind the scenes in the everyday life of a performer," said Warren County Technical School student Courtney Megaro.

"When you're young and you're aspiring to do what we're doing up here, it's incredible to have an opportunity to speak with professional artists," said Broadway Boys actor Brad Greer.

The students said they wanted to learn everything from what it is like to perform every day, to role preparation and the big question: how to get your big break on Broadway.

"I always had music in my life but I never had a way to express it until a music program showed up in my high school my sophomore year and it really turned my life around," said Broadway Boys actor Travis Morin.

"I think everybody has something different to bring to the table. I feel like everybody has something they can teach you," said Cory Lopes, an Easton Area High School student.

Many of the students say this was an excellent opportunity because many are about to perform and hope they are nominated for a 2012 Freddy Award.

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