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'Burpee' challenge highlights oddly-named exercise's local ties

1 burpee, 2 burpee, 3 burpee...

Royal Burpee challenge at Easton gym

It's sometimes called "the ultimate full body exercise."

The burpee has been gaining popularity in recent years thanks to CrossFit and fitness shows like "The Biggest Loser."

The oddly-named exercise is similar to a squat thrust, but lowering your torso to the floor and finishing with a jump.

Did you know the burpee has local ties? Royal Huddleston Burpee is credited with making the burpee a household name. Royal is from Easton and still has family there. In the 1930s, Burpee, a physiologist, started using "burpees" to measure agility and coordination for the U.S. Military.

CrossFit Advanced in Easton is celebrating Royal H. Burpee's 115th birthday with a special challenge. It started February 11th, with 1 burpee, then on February 12th- 2 burpees, adding 1 burpee every day. On June 4th, you have to do 115 burpees to celebrate the 115th birthday.

The Royal Burpee Challenge has gone worldwide. CrossFit Advanced invited other CrossFit gyms to join in the challenge and even started a Facebook page. People as far away as Australia and China have logged on to log their burpees.

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