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Cancer-fighter bikes with dogs to spread message of hope

Cancer-fighter bikes with dogs to spread message of hope

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - A man passing through the Lehigh Valley is hoping to spread a message of hope and encouragement.

With his two dogs by his side, Randolph Westphal is on a journey.

"I like to inspire people," he told 69 News.

He travels all around sharing his story of fighting cancer and encouraging others to never give up. Much of his journey has been on his bicycle but he now has some help from an SUV.

"In 1987 I got my first cancer operation called malignant melanoma. They gave me a half year to live, maximum a year," he said. "After six months I was not dead, after 12 months I was not dead."

He started a journey that took him thousands of miles all over the world. He hopped on his bike with his first dog and rode throughout southern Europe, he said, "just to prove myself I've been not sick, I have just cancer."

Westphal has overcome several challenges including a serious accident that left him in the hospital for five years. He also said he's had 28 cancer operations.

"I accept my cancer as a part of my body and just when you accept things you can change it," he said. "You have to do what you like to do; it's really important."

He accepts donations along the way as he travels from city to city, continuing to spread his message.

He said, "I show people never give up. I like to be example for other cancer patients."

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