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Car stuck in water in Lehigh County

Car stuck in water in Lehigh County

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Monday's heavy rains brought flooding in parts of Allentown.

People who live near one area know what that means.

"I always know that people try to drive through the water so I always come out to see who got stuck and make sure everybody's okay," said Aisha Jackson, who lives near the spot where Eighth Street turns into Mack Boulevard.

She and others looked on as a car was stuck in high water in the underpass beneath train tracks. The driver made it out of the car and was not injured. A tow truck pulled the car out of the water.

Jackson said, "It does amaze me. Two years ago there was a car stuck and they had to get a boat to get the people out so it is amazing that people still try it."

Her 11 year-old son, Jeffrey Colon said, "It was crazy how he tried to go inside the water. I wouldn't do it if I was grown up."

As the night went on and the water started to recede but was not gone, some cars took the chance and drove through while others turned around.

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