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Caution urged after pedestrian hit by car in busy area of Easton

Pedestrian hit by vehicle

EASTON, Pa. - Police in Easton are asking for the public's help as they investigate a pedestrian struck by a vehicle.

Police say the collision happened around 6:40 p.m. Friday in the 300 block of Larry Holmes Drive, sending a 61-year-old man to the hospital.

Folks who walk in that part of Easton say it's a place where drivers and pedestrians need to take care.

"It's a busy intersection. Especially the hill, they're coming down the hill, cars are coming fast, so it can be dangerous," said Kevin Orloski of Allentown.

It's a high traffic area in Easton where many pedestrians raise their guard.

Colleen Connelly of Easton crosses Larry Holmes Drive with her young daughter all the time.

"This light especially, even when you have the walk signal it's very quick and we're in pretty good shape and we have to rush, so just just to see the elderly or the handicapped trying to get across the street, it's difficult," said Connelly.

With senior citizen housing not far from the intersection, people worry the elderly may not have enough time to cross Larry Holmes Drive.

"Especially with the old folks home up there, so for them safety should be picked up. Because they cross the street every day," said Darren Morris of Easton.

Cyclists we spoke to say crossing this road is a challenge for them, too.

"Even remind them that there are bikers, I mean there's a bike path that that they want people to use that's nearby. To be mindful of pedestrians and bikers alike," said Maraleen Shields of Allentown.

Still, pedestrians say in light of what happened, everyone should pay attention on this busy road.

"Pedestrians have to be mindful and the drivers have to be mindful as well," said Shields.

Police ask anyone who saw the collision on Larry Holmes Drive to call them at (610) 250-6639.

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